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Hello Darling Mama.

Thank you for visiting! 

First of all I would like to acknowledge the loss of your angel baby/babies. I honour your strength and courage as you step towards your light. I see you! You are a WARRIOR!

You may find yourself here feeling alone and afraid. Fearing what tomorrow will bring. Feeling unsupported by family and friends and maybe misunderstood.

You may be here because you are searching for your tribe. Your sisterhood!

You may be here because you are craving a deeper connection with Women who have also suffered after miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Women who are willing to hold your hand and walk with you towards the light.

You may find yourself here feeling stuck in your suffering but you somehow understand that while your precious baby/babies will always hold a special place in your heart, you truly know that the guilt, the self hatred and the self loathing that you are feeling are no longer serving you.

Are you ready to release these feelings?

Are you ready to shine Darling Mama?

Are you ready to surrender?

Do you long for peace of mind?

Do you wish to feel a sense of joy in your day?

Is this what your soul longs for Darling Mama?

If you are craving self love, acceptance, clarity, a deeper connection within yourself and a deeper connection with your sisters, if you long for the confidence and the support to move forward then I reach my hand out to you Darling Mama. Will you take it?

Here I stand with my hand on my heart,  with the promise that I will be with you every step of the way.

I will be your guiding light!

If you are ready and willing and you feel like you are after something a little more private and personal then my 1:1 coaching sessions are for you.

Here I offer you a safe space to share. No judgement. Just love, patients and understanding!

In this space we will open up and explore various healing techniques to move you out of your suffering towards healing and your hearts desires.  We will focus on the daily actions that put the bounce back in your step, the fire back in your belly and that make your heart sing. We will practice self love, compassion and self acceptance.

I understand that this is such a big step Darling Mama but please know that I am with you every step of the way. If you are still feeling a little unsure then feel free to send me an email and we can organise a 10- 20 minute chat over skype.



Unlimited email support and contact between sessions

3 months - 6 x 1 hour skype sessions (worldwide) : $240 per month

6 months - 12 x 1 hour skype sessions (worldwide) : $240 per month

After something a little different Darling Mama?

Maybe you are wishing to connect with like minded sisters who understand your struggle?

Maybe you wish to share openly amongst your tribe, to sit in scared circle with your sisters and to use your voice for change?

Do you long to be part of an unbroken chain of strength, knowledge, love and compassion?

Do you wish to sit in sacred circle on a monthly basis and form beautiful, long lasting friendships with your tribe?

If these words resonate with you then maybe its a Women's Circle that you're after?

Here we will practice patients and empathy.

Here we will share without fear of judgement.

In circle we will use music, movement, breath work, essential oils and art to deepen our healing.

If sitting in circle sounds more appealing then please shoot me an email and we can discuss upcoming dates and cost.



DISCLAIMER: If you wish to work with me Darling Mama, then please understand that this work requires your wholehearted commitment and a desire to take action outside of our 1:1 sessions in order for you to experience growth and transformation. I am here to guide you but I cannot do the work for you. I am not a councillor or a psychologist and depending on your individual circumstances it may be necessary for you to seek help with a medical professional alongside myself. This can be discussed during our initial consultation and I can provide recommendations if needed.