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WELCOME Darling Mama.

I'm Carmen Vincent.

I support Mother's who are suffering after the loss of their baby/babies through Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss and offer a guiding light towards rediscovering self love, self acceptance and living life passionately no matter what stage they are at in their journey towards healing.


I'm a Certified Life Coach, Women's circle facilitator, Artist and Creative, doTERRA Essential Oils Educator, Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Advocate and Mama to three earth side free spirits and two angels that I hold in my heart.

Thank you Darling Mama for reaching out to me. With my hand on my heart I acknowledge your loss and your pain. I want you to know that you are braver and stronger than you believe and you are never alone. Never!

I understand your heartbreak as I too have been where you once were. I too have been consumed by the darkness only to discover that I must search deeper within my soul in order to find my light. A light that now shines brighter than ever.

I wish to share this light with you Darling Mama. The road ahead can be long and at times seem hopeless and exhausting. The cycle of grief is never linear and it can rear its ugly head even when you least expect it. I wish to support you Darling Mama during the times when you need guidance the most. You should never have to walk this road alone. If you feel your souls call to surrender to your suffering and release what no longer serves you, then with love and compassion, I reach my hand out to you.

Let me be your guide. Let me show you how much you are loved and are worthy and deserving of all you desire. Let me stand beside you and hand in hand, we will walk this path together. Come share your story with me. Come and connect with your sisterhood. Your tribe.

Let me help you expand in ways never experienced before. Let me help you transform and awaken to your souls desires. Together we will explore self love, forgiveness, self acceptance and kindness as we share through storytelling, creativity, music, movement, meditation and connection.

Are you ready to take the journey and step in to your light Darling Mama?

Your sisterhood awaits you!